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August 24, 2015, Columbus, Ohio … Spirit Aeronautics has successfully fulfilled the requirements to expand their FAA Approved Capabilities List to include additional engine service ratings for turbine powered (jet) engines.

Spirit Aeronautics Turbine Service“Our customers are always looking for ways to minimize downtime and enhance the value of the services they receive from a provider like Spirit Aeronautics”, stated Tony Bailey, President & COO of Spirit Aeronautics. “For us, the objective has always been to increase our service offerings in a way that is responsive to our customer needs as well as responsible to our investors. One way to achieve that goal is the addition of complementary services to our core business offerings and the ability to offer service on Pratt & Whitney JT-15, Pratt & Whitney PW545, Williams International FJ44-4, Rolls Royce AE 3007 and Honeywell (Garrett) TFE 731 engines fill that need. After working diligently with our FAA inspectors and demonstrating our abilities, we were granted the authorizations. We have also been granted the authority to add additional engine model types at will to our Capabilities List provided we meet the requirements contained in our Repair Station Manual. It is indeed a great accomplishment!”

About Spirit Aeronautics FAA Approved Capabilities

Spirit Aeronautics has a wide range of authorizations on its FAA approved Capabilities List to include Maintenance & Alterations, Avionics Repair & Modifications, Installation of In-Flight Entertainment and Communication Systems (IFEC), Interior Refurbishment & Alterations and Turbine Engine service and repair. These authorizations span a multitude of aircraft and engine types including Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), Bombardier Challengers and Globals, Cessna Citations (All variants), Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Honeywell, Dassault Falcons, Gulfstream GII through GVSP, LearJets (All variants), and Beechcraft KingAirs to name a few with new models being added as needed. Spirit Aeronautics authorizations even include the P-51 and Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik LZN07‐101Airship.

About Spirit Aeronautics

Spirit Aeronautics, a trade name of Spirit Avionics, Ltd, located in Columbus, Ohio is a growing industry leader offering worldwide aviation services to corporate, military, private, government and commercial aircraft operators. Spirit Aeronautics is principally engaged in the refurbishment, design, development, completions, management, engineering, material supply, integration and sustainment of Business, VIP, VVIP, Military and Government aircraft. For more information, go to www.spiritaeronautics.com.

For further details please contact: Spirit Aeronautics – Alyson Shook at +1 614 237 4271 or ashook@spiritaeronautics.com.


Posted on 2015 Aug 25 by spiritaeronauticscom

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