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Spirit Aeronautics™, a trade name of Spirit Avionics, Ltd, based in Columbus, Ohio is proud to host the Professional Pilots Association (PPA) regional meeting with keynote speaker Ohio State Representative Rick Perales (R).

“Spirit Aeronautics is a strong supporter of aviation growth in Ohio as well as the Professional Pilots Association”, said Tony Bailey, President of Spirit Aeronautics™. “It was our honor to host the PPA meeting and we asked Representative Perales to speak about the great initiatives he is leading to bring Ohio to the forefront of the aviation industry.”

Ohio State Representative Rick Perales (R) presented and sponsored House Bill (HB) 292 which, if adopted, will enact section 122.98 of the Revised Code to create the Aerospace and Technology Study Committee. This committee will blend the aviation industry major elements representing the military, academia, commercial aviation, manufacturer, business aviation and general aviation to help propose possible state support initiatives to establish Ohio as a world leader in aviation technology and services.

“Being able to speak with the Professional Pilots Association (PPA) about the growth of aviation in Ohio is very near and dear to my heart”, said Ohio State Representative Rick Perales (R), a former USAF Squadron Commander. “I grew up with the knowledge that Ohio was the birthplace of aviation and the belief that the state was a leader in aviation technology. While Ohio holds a strong position in the United States aviation industry, we still have a lot we need to do to become a recognized world leader in aviation technology and services. The support of Spirit Aeronautics and the PPA goes a long way towards our aviation recognitions initiatives”.

About the Professional Pilots Association

The Professional Pilots Association is a not for profit organization that was established in 1963 to provide a forum for pilots to share experiences and to create a safer environment for those flying for a living. Through the years, the PPA has evolved further, and while safety is still our main concern, we've branched out to become an educational and informational focal point for the surrounding communities. In addition to being a pilot networking forum, PPA is the principal contact group for many government agencies and private groups that seek out information and opinions on aircraft operations. For more information, email info@propilots.org or visit their website at http://www.propilots.org/.

About Spirit Aeronautics

Spirit Aeronautics™, a trade name of Spirit Avionics, Ltd, is located in Columbus, Ohio and is an Authorized Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Aircell, and Garmin service facility. Spirit Aeronautics™ is a provider of worldwide aviation services that include aircraft management, avionics, parts sales, engineering, aircraft maintenance, and interior refurbishment.

For further details please contact: Spirit Aeronautics™ at +1 (614) 237-4271 or info@spiritaeronautics.com

Posted on 2014 Mar 19 by spiritaeronauticscom

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