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October 22, 2014, Columbus, Ohio … Spirit Aeronautics, a world class leader in business aircraft services, is proud to announce new company growth results and outlay plans for the future. “Since the founding of Spirit in 2000, the company has gained respect in the industry for innovation and stability even during the down-turn of the economy,” said Tony Bailey, President and COO of Spirit Aeronautics. “In 2013, we took an aggressive tactic to add complementary business services and invest heavily in customer centric growth strategies. Since then, we are pleased to announce a 124% increase in revenue and we have nearly tripled our workforce without compromising quality or customer care and without adding any company debt”.

“Over the course of the next 10 years, Spirit is going to have a big impact on our industry,” Bailey continued. “We are following a very comprehensive business plan to add additional services and facilities. We are in negotiations at this very moment to acquire new facilities and businesses that fit our core business in complementary ways. Beyond that, we are focusing on adding innovative employee care programs that will help retain our most valuable assets. We currently offer Tool Reimbursement, Gym Membership and Company Aircraft Use programs in addition to our exceptional health benefits package and we are working diligently to add other benefits that reinforce employee satisfaction.”

“We also take our contribution to our community very serious,” Bailey said. “Our employees are encouraged to volunteer for responsible charities and we host numerous charitable events including the annual Youth Aviation Adventure Hangarfest. For us, we want to grow Spirit Aeronautics in to a world renowned aviation services business that gives back to our employees and community in ways that are representative of a business we can be proud of. As we often say, sometimes all it takes is Spirit!”

About Spirit Aeronautics

Spirit Aeronautics, a trade name of Spirit Avionics, Ltd, located in Columbus, Ohio is a growing industry leader offering worldwide aviation services to corporate, military, private, government and commercial aircraft operators. Spirit Aeronautics is principally engaged in the refurbishment, design, development, completions, management, engineering, material supply, integration and sustainment of Business, VIP, VVIP, Military and Government aircraft.

For further details please contact: Spirit Aeronautics – Alyson Shook at +1 614 237 4271 or ashook@spiritaeronautics.com.



Posted on 2014 Oct 31 by spiritaeronauticscom

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