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November 6, 2015, Columbus, Ohio … Spirit Aeronautics, a world class leader in business aircrRick Ochs, Founder & CEOaft services, is proud to announce the celebration of their fifteenth year in business.

“When I first started Spirit Aeronautics (formerly Spirit Avionics) in 2000, I literally quit my job and took the leap of faith that it would work out,” said Rick Ochs, Founder, Chairman & CEO. “It was scary. I had a wife, kids and a mortgage with no income other than what I could generate from the trunk of my car. A year later my partner and I purchased Capital Aircraft Electronics, who I used to work for, significantly increasing our capabilities and setting the stage for continued growth. Fifteen years later, I look back and I am amazed at our good fortune to be able not only stay to in business, but thrive and grow. It was a leap of faith with a total trust in god and I can honestly say I can’t wait to see what the next fifteen years brings!”

"Over the last fifteen years, Spirit Aeronautics has remained strong throughout the many changes in the aviation industry due to the ever changing economic climate," said Tony Bailey, President & COO. "I attribute our success to two things: First, a pure and complete desire to provide the best service possible for our customers. Second, we continually look for ways to optimize our operations in every single area of the business. This serves both our customers and our company very well, particularly during harder economic times. We are not perfect but we are making a genuine effort to improve every aspect of the business."

About Spirit Aeronautics

Spirit Aeronautics, a trade name of Spirit Avionics, Ltd, located in Columbus, Ohio is a growing industry leader offering worldwide aviation services to corporate, military, private, government and commercial aircraft operators. Spirit Aeronautics is primarily engaged in the refurbishment, design, development, completions, management, engineering, material supply, integration and sustainment of Business, VIP, VVIP, Military and Government aircraft.

For further details please contact: Spirit Aeronautics – Alyson Shook at +1 614 237 4271 or ashook@spiritaeronautics.com

Posted on 2015 Nov 18 by spiritaeronauticscom

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